Jan Wyżykowski University, Poland
Jan Wyżykowski University was created due to the cooperation of  polkowice Commune and Polkowice County. The founder of the University is the ZAMPOL company, which Polkowice Commune and Polkowice County own all the shares of. On 30th August 2001, the Founder received the permit to establish non-state high vocational school from the Minister of National Education and Sport.
On 8 January 2002 following the decision of the Minister of National Education and Sport, The Lower Silesian University of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Polkowice was registered as the Non-state high vocational schools at number 91, in the register kept by the Minister of National Education and Sport (currently Minister of Education and Science) Polkowice is the seat of the University, district town, located in the Lower Silesia Voivodship. in Polkowice, there is a sub-zone Legnica Special Economic Zone – quite a few international companies are located in the zone (Volkswagen, Sanden, Sitech, CCC etc.) DWSPIT develops the cooperation with the business sector and within the University Council DWSPiT tightly adjusts its educational offer to the labour market needs.
Of 1st of January 2016, following the consent issued by the Minister of Science and Higher Education the Lower Silesian University of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Polkowice merged with the Copper Basin High Vocational College in Lubin.
As a result of the merger at the second decision issued by the Minister of Science and Higher Education, our University received also the name: Jan Wyżykowski University.
Currently UJW runs studies within the Bachelor’s, Engineer’s, Master’s programmes and postgraduated studies and courses
Bachelor’s studies (3-year studies) in the fields of Administration, Pedagogy and Management.
Engineer’s studies (3.5-year studies) in the fields of Information Technology, Mechatronics, Logistics, Mining and Geology, Production Management and Engineering.
Master’s studies in the fields of Management (2-year), Mechatronics (1,5-year).
Uniform master’s studies (5-year) in the fields of Law.

WSG University in Bydgoszcz, Poland
The WSG University in Bydgoszcz is the largest private institution of higher education in Northern Poland and a unique example of developing the idea of an engaged university.
An engaged university is oriented towards and strategically positioned to deliver a range of societal contributions, benefits and impacts. The priority in third mission activities is engagement and the institution accordingly develops its people, organizational capacity and external collaborations. An engaged university is an influential organization within the wider ecosystem and is focused on, but not limited to providing greater social and cultural impacts for the city and region.
Yet University hasn’t been satisfied with just that. Almost each year the university campus keeps gaining new facilities and functions. Our university arena is a still developing live organism, teeming with energy since early morning until late evening, open to all city inhabitants. Along the 500 m long riverbank 8 ha area is located and there one can find a dozen or so modern facilities, as well as buildings dated to the 19th century, thoroughly renovated under supervision of an art restorer.
In the Social Service Centre we run a daily nursery, psychological and educational centre. In the University Medical Centre we rehabilitate, diagnose and cure. Our well-equipped Rewital Rehab and Biologic Recovery Centre is taken advantage of sportsmen, but also… film-makers. Artists also focus on the Academe Cultur Space located in the historic coach house. A unique Museum of Photography, a recording studio, an audytorium and two art galleries can be found here.
Didactic potential
Each year 7 thousand students from all over the world take advantage of lecture halls. During this academic year, about 900 guests from abroad have begun studying with us. We educate in the field of tourism, economic, social and human sciences, construction, IT, mechatronics and medicine. We have curricula for MBA students and we specialize in continuing education. Apart from bachelor, master and engineer degree studies, we offer postgraduate studies and various forms of professional education. We also run a Family University, Child University and University of the Third Age.
Our academic staff consist of 650 lecturers from 22 countries (including 90 professors). We have our own library and a dozen IT workshops. Our advantages also include well-equipped research and development labs inspirational place where we conduct didactic classes, as well as projects intended for business. Entrepreneurs and local government institutions from the entire province and neighbouring regions sublet us performance of tests, reports and prototype devices.Our idea is continuous development and openness. Many educational and pro-social projects in which our university has been engaged since the very beginning open us to local environment. The University have the dormitory located in a nearby quater. We have our own canteen, sport hall, arboretum, gym, river promenadę, kayak and bike rental centre, which are used each day by the city habitants.
Fields of education
Economy and management
Tourism and hospitality
Informatics and mechatronics
Psychology and pedagogy
Applied Medical Science
Creative industries
Civil Engineering